BBC Local Radio Need A Fresh Idea To Survive

When it comes to celebrating anniversaries, radio finds it hard before the days of downloadable online content, radio by its very nature was transient and ephemeral. We tend to remember the act of listening to the radio rather than the programmes themselves. Yet radio anniversaries have been falling thick and fast in 2017, with BBC […]

The Issues That Decide The Future of Radio

As early as 1934, specialists were predicting the demise of radio because of the ephemeral character unlike publish, cinematic movie, or play audio, after broadcast to the ether, it was gone forever. Over eight decades after, radio remains reaching 89 percent of the elderly population of the UK (that is 44.8m folks). The intricate relationship […]

Radio In Ghana : Giving Voice To The People

The origins of broadcasting in Ghana especially radio have been tracked to its former colonial power under Sir Arnold Hodson that had been indigenous governor of the Gold Coast at 1935. The short term aim was to permit the crown to communicate with its topics from the colonies and also to spread propaganda. However, over […]